We offer a range of hard wear resistant coatings such as TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, ZrN, AlCRN, DLC and solid film lubes such as i-Kote

We offer our customers an extremely high level of service in three distinct and interrelated areas: commercial i-kote® services, coating research & development, tribological testing & consultation.
The attached papers (PDF) show value in our coatings:
42nd Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium

TribologicalPerformance Evaluation of Complex Bonded Coatings

Nanocomposite Coating
Hard and Low Friction Coatings

Protecting your products by taking control of friction and wear through the use of advanced nanocomposite smart coating technologies.

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Tribology Testing
Friction and Wear Testing

We are a high-tech, modern company with strong experience and knowledge in testing materials!

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Research and Development

Our modern research & development projects lead to new products and or existing product development.

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We are an agile, hi-tech business with a strong focus on the development and integration of novel wear resistant and low friction coatings that enhance/enable systems with moving mechanical components. Established by Andras L. Korenyi-Both in 2004 to develop and support surface engineering solutions to reduce friction and wear in extreme environments where conventional lubricants do not work.


We serve commercial and government OEM markets including, DOD, DOE and NASA.