i-Kote® Advanced Solid Film Lubricant

The i-Kote® Advanced Solid Film Lubricant has many smart properties:

i-Kote® ‘s Chameleon Property

arrow Smart nanocomposite coating with adaptive “chameleon” behavior to reduce friction or wear in severe and variable environments.

i-Kote® Is Synergistic

arrow Synergistic components self-adjust tribological contact chemistry and structure depending on the operating environment and temperature:

Check Cryogenic or High Temperature

Check Vacuum or High Humidity

Check Variable Loads and Speeds

i-Kote®’s Extensive Testing

arrow Rigorous testing has proven coating capabilitiess.

i-Kote®’s Friction

arrow Friction coefficient of < 0.01.

i-Kote® Precision Coating Process

Which Metal Lubricants Will Work Best for Your Needs?

Lubricant manufacturers have many different types of metal lubricant available, depending on what type of need you are looking to cover. There are liquid, grease, and solid film lubricants, which can help with nearly every application you could encounter. Some lubricant manufacturers create lubricants to be used in existing products, while others only create lubricants that are placed on products during the manufacturing process.

If you only need a slight amount of lubrication, then you will likely need a grease or liquid form of metal lubricant. This will keep things moving effortlessly, and protect from wear and tear on all of the moving parts. They build up a layer of protection as the parts move, because the motion creates a film on each of the moving parts.

Solid film lubricants, such as Teflon and graphite, help keep surfaces lubricated when there is not enough area to create a film naturally, or when the film has worn off. They can be placed on the surfaces directly that require lubrication, and put to use immediately. Some lubricants require you to take the machine apart to apply it, while others can be placed on the moving parts of an unplugged machine, and used as soon as the machine is plugged back in.

Thanks to lubricant engineering, there are many options available to the machines of the world that need lubrication to function properly. There are metal lubes to cover all types of scenarios, so make sure you know which lubricants will cover your needs. If you aren’t sure, ask the experts in the field of lubricant engineering so you can get the most life out of your machinery.

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