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Here at Tribologix we specialize in bringing the latest technological advances forward in our coatings. With a fast turnaround, extremely knowledgable team, and creative approaches to difficult problems, our nano composite hardwear resistant coatings are some of the best in the industry.



arrow For decaes the aerospace industry has been using hard coating, and soft lubrication films. Our company has dedicated years to developing smart applications for our armed services, along with satellites, and space missions.

Cutting and Forming Tools

arrow Making tools last longer, and cut better is all a part of our experiences with the cutting and forming industry. Whether you’re looking to maintain a hard edge over your competitors, or looking to get a slicker advantage, be sure to check out what our coatings can offer you below.

Medical Devices

arrow If you or a friend or a loved one has had a joint replacement in their lifetime, chances are high that they have a hard coating in their body. Same as in the cutting and forming tools industry, making parts last longer means big things when it comes to the joints you rely on day in and day out.

PVD Methods We Offer:

Cathodic Arc Ion Plating

arrow You can read up on this field more here.


arrow You can read up on this field more here.

Electron Beam Deposition

arrow You can read up on this field more here.

Ion Beam Deposition

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Coatings We Provide:

TiN, Titanium Nitride

arrow Signified traditional with a “gold” appearance, TiN coatings are known for improving a part’s hardness. Traditionally used for drill bits, this coating is a simple solution to numerous problems. Learn more here.

TiCN, Titanium Carbonitride

arrow A step up from the traditional titanium nitride coatings, titanium carbonitride offers lubricus qualities while still having all of the hardness properties that are found in TiN. Characterized traditionally by a “silver rosy hue.” Learn more here.

TiAlN, Titanium Aluminum Nitride

arrow The be all and end all of the TiN variants. In an independent study performed by Kennen Metal, titanium aluminum nitride was found to be among the best coatings in almost all standard categories, and whenever it was surpassed by other coatings, the amount it was surpassed by was so insignificant, the benefits of using the other coating wouldn’t matter. Characterized traditionally by a “gunmetal grey hue.” Learn more here

ZrN, Zirconium Nitride

arrow Another excellent coating provided by TXI. Characterized by a “mottled yellow,” appearance, this coating is known for it’s high heat tolerance. Learn more here.

Many Other

arrow The number of coatings we provide and variations to those coatings are ubiquitous. Our chief scientist Anras Korenyi-Both has been developing advanced solid film lubricants for almost his entire adult life, and has even worked for NASA on the Galileo Project. If you have a mechanical wear issue, you can be sure that we have the tools to not only solve your problems, but to meet your highest expectations.

Mechanical Engineering Firm | Product Overview

There are many different ways that a mechanical engineering firm can help make life easier. If you have items that you need specifically coated, this is the best place to turn. There are many different times that a coating can be exactly what your product or item needs. Here is a basic breakdown of the most common coating types that could benefit you:

DLC Coating

DLC coating is giving your item that is a diamond-like carbon, allowing your item to have a spectacular look and hardness, while giving it the benefits of a very low level of friction. Any item coated with a DLC coating will be much more resistant to wear, plus it will offer benefits like a low level of resistance to both chemical and electrical exposure.

Other Metal Coatings

Gun coating is specifically done to protect firearms. It allows you to use your firearm repeatedly, and experience far less wear and tear than a weapon that was not coated. Gun coating allows each piece of the weapon to have a thermal coating that protects it from heat and chemical damage that goes along with the firing process.

Metal coating can be used on many different types of materials to help make your items resistant to things like exposure, corrosion, and weather changes. Depending on what your item could be exposed to, a metal coating, such as chromium or nickel, could end up taking your item and making it nearly impermeable.

Non-stick coating allows whatever item is coated to have nearly no friction when it moves around. That’s what makes a non-stick coating ideal for cook wear. The coating leaves a smooth surface behind, allowing for movement that is nearly unimpeded, and it keeps parts moving without seizing up nearly as easily.

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