Surface Engineering Techniques

metal coating

The Many Elements of Mechanical Engineering

There are many different elements used in the field of mechanical engineering. Some are used to coat the materials, while others are perfect for lubricating moving parts so they are less likely to break down. Each element has its place, allowing for mechanical parts to be the best choice for many engineering applications. Here are a few common elements you may come across in mechanical engineering services.

For lubrication purposes, mechanical engineers need to use a wide variety of elements. For example, molybdenum disulphide is a great option when metal parts will be moving against each other. Similar to graphite, molybdenum disulphide is easy to use because of how strong it is, the fact that it does not require any liquids—making it a dry lube, and because it can withstand high heat applications.

Coating Metals

Coating metal in mixed elemental substances such as AlTiN, allows the metal to continue working without forming oxide on the surfaces. This physical vapor deposition film (PVD film) allows the metal to be coated at very high heat, and keeps it protected from any type of oxygenation due to metals scraping together during movement. TiCN is another option for coating metals that will allow the metal to remain strong and take less damage during motion. This is also an ideal dry film to put on cutting surfaces to protect the surface from taking damage during repetitive movements, such as cutting out molds.

These elements allow moving parts within machines to work longer and take less damage, keeping the machines in operation, and saving companies money. The better lubricated and protected each moving piece is within a machine, the better that machine is going to be able to perform.

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